Thursday, 31 December 2009

Getting Started..

Following a recommendation by a friend of mine I decided to order an Arduino Experimentation Kit from

It arrived well packaged in a very nice multi compartment plastic box with everything I need to get going.
Those good people at oomlout also sent me a free sample RGB LED that I shall play with later in this blog

I run an iMac and the software installed very easily (just make sure you have the
latest version) and worked straight off. Just follow the lovely instructions in the Arduino Experimenter's Guide supplied with the kit.

The first thing I did was to unpack the Arduino board and the breadboard and attach them to the acrylic base plate provided. I then tried the simple 'Blinking LED' example provided with the kit.

The software is good if a little basic, but it is very easy to use. My advice tho is to keep the experimenter's guide to hand and use it to check your syntax by looking at their examples.

All in all this little thing looks awesome. Iona, I owe you a drink.

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